No doubt about it, running a business is hard.

We have the playbook and experience to teach you to do it the right way, chapter by chapter.

The Business Growth Operating System Playbook

A thoughtful and coaching-based program your business needs in order to grow with confidence. In addition to the Playbook, our program provides group calls so you can collaborate and learn from fellow business owners as well as 1:1 coaching.


Chapter 1: Initial Assessment (Onboarding)

A better understanding of you, your business, and your team. We also take a leading personality character assessment based on DISC method to help you understand more about your leadership style, your strengths and areas where for improvement.

Chapter 2: Mind Mapping

If there is ever a critical area often overlooked by business owners, this is it. What clients love about this part of the program is that it helped them unlock their ability to think deeply, beyond just the immediate. This approach allows diverse thoughts to flow and then apply them to your business resulting in better planning and execution.

Chapter 3: Creative Thinking

How you approach your game plan is forever changed. Here we take the mind mapping work and help you get creative, activate divergent and convergent thinking. Why? These methods help you solve problems and come up with ideas for future outcomes.

Chapter 4: Strategic Planning

Having a long-term game plan is important and this chapter will help you get there. So many businesses fail because they lack vision. Whether you own a petrol station, carpentry shop, or boutique retail on the high street, having a clear 3-5-10 year vision is critical.

Chapter 5: Task and Time Management

When we talk with failing businesses we ask to see their recent plans and goals. If they have them, they are outdated. Goals and Planning have to be central to what you do as a business owner. In this chapter, we create effective planning with details behind them so you can achieve the goals we establish.

Chapter 6: Business Structure

Simply put, team structure? How do you want it to shape? Roles, responsibilities, and communication within the company. Nothing sinks a company like a bad organizational structure (or no structure at all!).

Chapter 7: Business Numbers

We go way beyond sales numbers. We dive into quality, customer satisfaction, on-time delivery. Even better, we help you boil your business down to a few key levers you can rely on month in and month out.

Chapter 8: Sales and Marketing

Process, clarity, and differentiation. Understanding your client and that their story matters so you can help them solve their problems. There is no need to become a marketing or sales expert, but understanding the basics will help you hire out the right help.



The BGOS Playbook is an 8-part course with guided live coaching and instruction.
Each chapter takes you on a deep-dive within the playbook.
Normal timeline is 8-months, but knowing some businesses face immediate needs, we offer a more intense service (Gold Level).



8-Month Programme

Full 8 Chapters of the Playbook

1 hr /mo – 1:1 business support

30 min /mo – 1:1 S.O.S. emergency call

8 months @ £495/mo



6-Month Programme

Full 8 Chapters of the Playbook

1 hr /mo – 1:1 business support

1 hr /mo – group mastermind support

(2) 30 min /mo – 1:1 S.O.S. emergency calls
6 months @ £995/mo



4-Month Timeline

Chapters prioritized based on need
Tailored 1:1 business support calls
(3) 30 min /mo – 1:1 S.O.S. emergency calls
1 hr /mo – group mastermind support
Contact for pricing

Note: Each programme starts off with £495 onboarding session including a full DISC(TM) evaluation session with a coach.