Develop your personal skills so you can lead your company to greatness.

Personal development is the hallmark of any great leader.
Our Personal Playbook is proven to help you grow.

The BGOS Personal Playbook

The perfect companion to the Business Playbook. Learn the management and leadership skills every owner needs for today’s work environment.

Like the Business Playbook, each chapter has a set of learnings, homework and 1:1 coaching. You can expect to spend 4-6 hours per month on each chapter, depending on what service level is right for you (Bronze, Silver, Gold).


Chapter 1: Mindset

We dive straight into the playbook to help re-wire how you approach problems and learning. This chapter helps you uncover the ability to absorb new learnings just by the way you approach a topic.

Chapter 2: Leadership

The economy has changed and so has the needs of our team. Strong leaders listen and absorb information first, set the direction, and then trust their teams to find a way to succeed. We learn how-to guide, not to dictate, and discuss the proven benefits to this new approach.

Chapter 3: Positive Relationships

How you perceive teammates, clients, and others is directly tied to your success as a leader yet so many of us are quick to judge and be dismissive. Leaders who learn how to create a bond with those around them achieve more professionally and are consistently happier on a day-to-day basis.

Chapter 4: Maximising Strengths

Most leaders waste time and effort trying to be great at everything, leaving them exhausted and frustrated. The secret: It's an impossible goal. This chapter helps you develop your strengths and recognize your weaknesses, giving you a plan on how to handle both.

Chapter 5: Task and Time Management

When we talk with failing businesses we ask to see their recent plans and goals. If they have them, they are outdated. Task and Time Management have to be central to what you do as a business owner. In this chapter, we create effective planning with details behind them so you can achieve the goals we establish.

Chapter 6: Resilience

There is no better time than now to get help on how to persevere.

Chapter 7: Mindfulness

With distractions all around us, great leaders develop the ability to focus and be present. This chapter dives into how you can create a discipline that improves how you "show up" each day.

Chapter 8: Habits

We all have them. Bad habits, good habits, and great habits. Typically we fail when we try to create new and improved habits for our lives because we don't have a strategy or framework to follow. That all changes with this chapter.



The BGOS Playbook is an 8-part course with guided live coaching and instruction.
Each chapter takes you on a deep-dive within the playbook.
Normal timeline is 8-months, but knowing some businesses face immediate needs, we offer a more intense service (Gold Level).



8-Month Programme

Full 8 Chapters of the Playbook

1 hr /mo – 1:1 business support

30 min /mo – 1:1 S.O.S. emergency call

8 months @ £495/mo



6-Month Programme

Full 8 Chapters of the Playbook

1 hr /mo – 1:1 business support

1 hr /mo – group mastermind support

(2) 30 min /mo – 1:1 S.O.S. emergency calls
6 months @ £995/mo



4-Month Timeline

Chapters prioritized based on need

Tailored 1:1 business support calls

(3) 30 min /mo – 1:1 S.O.S. emergency calls

1 hr /mo – group mastermind support

Contact for pricing

Note: Each programme starts off with £495 onboarding session including a full DISC(TM) evaluation session with a coach.