Become a successful business owner without it taking over every aspect of your life.

In order to do that, you need to have the right business skills and tools. The problem is, nobody gave you a playbook when you started which makes you feel stressed and probably gives you too many sleepless nights.

It’s not fair that the passion for your craft is now becoming a liability for you, your employees, and your family. Over the past 30 years running companies we were also forced to figure it out ourselves – and learned the hard way – including everything from upset clients to missed family holidays and even bankruptcy.

Our success only began after we created and implemented a game plan. This strategic approach to playing the game of business ownership is an 8-part business success framework we call the “Business Growth Operating System Playbook” covering everything we wished we had known since day one including organizational structure, finance, leadership mind-mapping, customer insights, sales, marketing, and more.

Once we implemented this framework, our business became clear and we began to grow exponentially while creating a rebalanced personal life we were desperately missing before.

No more frustrated customers. No more missed payrolls. No more canceled holidays.

Fellow business owners asked how we were able to create that success and balance, so we started helping them with the same program we now call BGOS.

We are a collection of experts who have learned to find business success.

Our Founder and Head Coach:

Darren Barlow is an experienced entrepreneur, business coach, and the founder of the Business Growth Operating System (BGOS).

Starting as a solo electrical tradesman, Darren went on to manage a team and eventually launch his own successful services-based company, Barlows Services. Having been in business for over 30 years, he has grown his company from the ground up and currently turns over £10,000,000+ annually.

While scaling his business, Darren became aware of the number of training schemes offering office-centric business insight. There are, however, very few resources and programmes available to tradespeople. He recognised the need for business coaching uniquely tailored to the trade sector and began collating the lessons he’d learned throughout his years running his own operation. Working alongside other experts, he created the BGOS Playbook, an eight-part business success framework.

Darren shares his key learnings in this comprehensive training programme, which is aimed at tradespeople who find themselves leading a fledgling business and in need of guidance, mentorship and a clear plan for success.

Enter BGOS.

An in-depth 8-part training program

A clear playbook to get your business growing

A team of experts to support you along the way