Your Business Can Win Again

Leverage the Business Growth Operating System and implement a game-plan so your business can thrive — in any economic condition.

Running a business is not what most people expected.

Many business owners had a vision when they started their company. Independence, a work-life balance, and the joy that comes from being their own boss.

The reality is that many owners experience everything but that initial vision because they are trying to run their business without the right know-how, resulting in massive frustration and constant stress.

Why doesn’t owning a business come with a playbook?

We wished for the same so we built-out our own business success playbook called Business Growth Operating System.

We put our 30 years of running businesses into an 8-part series we call the “BGOS Playbook”.

It is an 8-month chapter-by-chapter deep dive into what it takes so your company can grow effectively.

This is a 100% money-back guaranteed program designed for owners who are seeking a thriving and manageable business.

We coach you through the playbook, chapter by chapter, helping you to implement each part of the strategy. This is the learning needed to win in any economic condition.

Core BGOS program chapters include:
Mind Mapping | Creative Thinking | Vision | Goals & Planning | Business Structure | Finance | Sales | Marketing |

Be able to operate daily knowing you have the right playbook for your team.

Know how to accurately plan and create goals -- and achieve them.

Develop the tools necessary to be visionary and structured at the same time.

Understand your clients and how to grow sustainably.

My business ran on a month to month view and I grew frustrated. Darren helped me look at my business from a completely different perspective, working on creating a vision and plan to support where I wanted the business to be in 5 years. It’s been a growth gamechanger.

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Nothing feels better as a business owner than confidence and pride.

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Our program is a game plan complete with the right playbook so you can win.

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You don't have to feel like your business is constantly on the edge.

The playbook you needed as a tradesman, an employee or as a manager is completely different than what you need to be a successful business owner.

We only began to win after we created and implemented a set of strategies that helped us manage the complexities of running a business.

Customers asked if we would take those learnings, put it into an overall game plan, and coach them so they could find similar success.

  • Elite Flooring saw a 35% increase in sales
  • Sussex Limited lowered customer churn by 55%
  • Barlows Services Limited runs so well the owners now take 8 weeks holiday per year.


The BGOS Playbook is an 8-part course with guided live coaching and instruction.
Each chapter takes you on a deep-dive within the playbook.
Normal timeline is 8-months, but knowing some businesses face immediate needs, we offer a more intense service (Gold Level).



8-Month Programme

Full 8 Chapters of the Playbook

1 hr /mo – 1:1 business support

30 min /mo – 1:1 S.O.S. emergency call

8 months @ £495/mo



6-Month Programme

Full 8 Chapters of the Playbook

1 hr /mo – 1:1 business support

1 hr /mo – group mastermind support

(2) 30 min /mo – 1:1 S.O.S. emergency calls
6 months @ £995/mo



4-Month Timeline

Chapters prioritized based on need
Tailored 1:1 business support calls
(3) 30 min /mo – 1:1 S.O.S. emergency calls
1 hr /mo – group mastermind support
Contact for pricing

Note: Each programme starts off with £495 onboarding session including a full DISC(TM) evaluation session with a coach.

Darren’s no nonsense common sense approach to business helped me understand where I was struggling and then created a plan for me to follow that directly helped my business grow.

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